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Ianislav Iliev

At the beginning of the Cold War - 1947 - Allen Foster Dulles - the first head of the CIA - says:

“We will cast all the gold the United States, the whole force of the United States for fraud and dote on the people of the socialist world. Unbeknown to replace human values false. HOW? Supporter will find in these countries and Russia. Will open putrefactive sublime-scale work will extrakct social nature of literature, will encourage authors to impress people in the cult of sex, violence, sadism, betrayal - that is immorality. Needed scriptures, the eighth propriety and integrity as archaic anachronism. Vulgarity, insolence, lies and deceit, drunkenness and drug addiction, animal fear among people bounce, informing and many defects in humans have set out to stir. That will stir generation after generation, will cause erosion and corruption of youth. Will create a person with rudimentary supplies of consumer psyche. All this will do under the slogan: